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New Product Launch Event:Unveils a Stunning Collection of Artistic Products


On May 31st,our campany is delighted to announce the launch of its breathtaking new product line, featuring three exquisite bathroom sets, two innovative tableware sets, and a unique stackable cup. These products not only showcase a remarkable design aesthetic but also offer a combination of delicate craftsmanship and innovative functionality, providing users with a truly remarkable experience.
Bathroom Set 1: Inspired by the Elegance of Water Droplets
The first bathroom set draws inspiration from the graceful form of water droplets. The designer skillfully incorporates the concave sculpted shape of a water droplet, resembling the gentle falling of rain. This natural and casual design not only ensures easy handling but also provides users with a rich tactile experience. Additionally, the new pump head boasts a visually appealing design, offering enhanced ease of use. This five-piece set includes a lotion bottle, tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dish, and cotton swab jar, each of which captures the essence of the mesmerizing water droplet

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Bathroom Set 2: Embracing the Serene Beauty of Beach Rocks
The second bathroom set takes inspiration from beach rocks. During a plein air session, the designer stumbled upon a remarkable piece of rock, which sparked the creation of this series. Embracing the wabi-sabi aesthetic, the set resembles a traditional dry landscape painting. The combination of reactive glaze and unglazed ceramic texture creates an authentic and natural feel. The inner surfaces are coated with a transparent glaze, simulating the permeation of water, ensuring both aesthetics and practicality. In addition to the lotion bottle, tumbler, and soap dish, this set includes an aromatherapy bottle, adding a touch of tranquility to your bathroom space. With its five essential pieces, this collection perfectly merges with the beauty of nature.

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Bathroom Set 3: Minimalist Elegance Inspired by Seaside Rocks
The third bathroom set draws inspiration from the tranquil presence of seaside rocks. Its simple yet sophisticated design is suitable for foam pump dispensers. This five-piece set comprises a lotion bottle, tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dish, and cotton swab jar. It effortlessly combines functionality with a minimalist aesthetic.

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In addition to the bathroom sets, we are delighted to introduce two sets of creative tableware. The first set draws inspiration from the beloved childhood game of Tetris. The designs feature elements and patterns reminiscent of Tetris blocks, accompanied by vibrant and lively colors, catering to the youthful spirit of gamers. It includes a noodle bowl, coffee cup, straw cup, three snack plates, two vases, and a unique stackable cup. The stackable cup, inspired by the Tetris elements, boasts a clever design that allows for easy stacking and efficient use of space. The cups’ handles are crafted to provide a delicate and substantial feel, enhancing the user experience.

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The second tableware set incorporates the concept of tree rings, symbolizing the traces of growth in nature. The designs showcase the elements of tree rings, tree bark, and leaves. The vibrant green color brings a sense of vitality to the table. The set includes a mug, irregular plate, round plate, noodle bowl, rice bowl, soup bowl, and stackable cup. Each piece breathes life into your dining table, adding a touch of freshness and rejuvenation.

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Whether it’s the bathroom sets or the creative tableware, these new products prioritize practicality, aesthetic appeal, and attention to detail. They will undoubtedly enrich your daily life and dining experiences, allowing you to savor every moment to the fullest.
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Post time: Jun-14-2023